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Our group of imaginative, experienced, creative and foreseeing web and SEO Professional Services specialists are on top of the most latest tech updates, online trends, SEO and website architecture industry. Our proprietors utilize sharp minded business strategies and view our customers as accomplices. Our objective for you is to enable your organization to achieve its objectives.

Online marketing baffle has numerous pieces. SEO Professional Services (Search engine optimization) creates new potential leads, social media generates referrals and responsive websites attract customers toward your products or services. Every one of these pieces together render a fruitful marketing technique.

We highly esteem being a world class, distinctive and fair SEO company serving all states from New York on the Northeast to Washington on the Northwest. We always keep our focus on rate of return. Get in touch with our specialists and take a look at big giants we helped with SEO, boosting up their rate of investment (ROI) and growth of their businesses speaks for our work.


Here’s What You Get with Brands brilliant's SEO Professional Services


— More Traffic

Through SEO Professional Services we capture quality traffic. It’s greatest edge lies in it’s inbound marketing strategy that provides an opportunity to capture audience who are already seeking your niche.


— More Leads

Rather than yelling at people all the day, you can be easily seen through our SEO. We lift your website with the goal to put you on first page of Google, getting tons of leads everyday.


— More Revenue

We focus on attracting audience actively looking for your niche, thus increasing the chances that your marketing call will covert into sale, increasing your revenue without efforts.


— More Brand Awareness

With link building research, we find new channels to get your brand in front of consumers, making it much more efficient in spreading your information to prospects.


— More Business Growth

We help growing your business by capturing leads on your website. When the leads are acquired, your sales experts can contact them and convert them into paying clients.


— More Trust and Authority

Google’s organic rankings depend on what its algorithm finds to be the top results for any given search. So we optimize your website to make it more google friendly and trustworthy.

Ready To Boost Your Business

Why Should I Go With SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential ingredient of your marketing approaches, it enhances the visibility of your website in Search Engines (ex. Google) organic results.

How Much Money Do I Need To Spend In Terms To Get High Ranking On Google?

SEO is an investment with long-term benefits to your online business. eSearch Logix a SEO Company in India offer plans starting at USD 199.00 per month.

After How Much Time I Can Be Able To See The Improvements?

We recommend to go with our full 6 Months SEO plan to see the better and stable results, but usually, we have noticed that after three months of SEO you can be able to see the considerable improvement.

How Can We Be Able To Figure Out That SEO Is Working?

SEO takes a little time to show up the full impact of the work done. Our team would be sharing the regular updates weekly, as well as the ranking improvement report and organic traffic report from the very first month.

What Would Be The Maintenance Fee For SEO?

We are one of the preeminent SEO Companies in India, and you will get professional services from us all the way. As per the size of the campaign we can come up with the best fixed-price or hourly cost for maintenance.

I Got To Know That SEO Is No More Working, It's Dead?

We are very much familiar with the operation of Search Engines as well as their Quality Guidelines. SEO will not be going to die! Just Search Engines making themselves even better and advanced.

Are You Up To Date With Latest Algorithm Changes?

Google bring changes to its search algorithm around 500–600 times in a year. We at eSearch Logix – a SEO Company in India work very closely with the Search Quality Guidelines, and we are a team of Forward Thinkers and adhered to the quality

How Will You Improve Our SEO Rankings?

Our SEO program is entirely designed to cover every aspect of your website to optimize it concerning On-page, Off-page, and Technical factors.




Our detailed Analysis starts with Competitors analysis followed by Keywords research. Ranging from competitors and your existing website backlinks analysis, we go through the web pages to make sure that we can identify each part that is not SEO friendly and can be improved. By examining your business website, our SEO professionals get the right track for designing a personalized and more focused SEO strategy. This activity assists in optimizing the website on different levels to get the best results as compared to the core competitors of that respective business.


Keywords Research is one of the crucial aspects of any successful SEO Campaign. Highly efficient keywords mean increased opportunities to reach a greater and much wider market or users. It all gets started with competitor’s analysis, then a collection of information from a business owner about the service or product followed by searching the correct set of keywords for the success of your campaign. Our experts are skillful at assembling all the relevant keywords to provide utmost value for SEO efforts.


The much required Off-page Optimization and back linking requires excellent on-page optimization. An essential principle while dealing with the on-site optimization strategies is to optimize in concern with the end user. Without onsite optimization, it might get difficult for your website to rank high even with the off page optimization. All our plans cover Meta tags, alt attributes, images, site load time, headings (h1, h2 etc.), content optimization, design consultation, and more to make your website super search engine and user friendly both.


Content is the backbone of any online website business. At eSearch Logix, we provide brand specific, unique content that permits your business to be different from others with exact information a visitor is looking. The Content Marketing is not just about connecting with your potential leads. It’s about constructing your reliability and presenting your brand as a dependable source of required details and knowledge. How? Just leave it to our Content Marketing Experts.


Our skilled experts submit your website directly to all the main search engines to improve the online presence of your website. Search engine submission is the best way for indexing any website and by using their online tools like Google Search Console we resolve the technical issues reported. This process will allow your site to be discovered instantly by the web crawlers.


A thorough competitor analysis allows us to endow you with the finest optimization tactics that beat all competition in your niche. We analyze your competitors a maximum of three concerning Keywords, Backlinks and Strategy they are following and keep an eye on your competitors to make a comparison and juxtapose the rankings with your biggest rivals in the industry.


Link building is the favorite formula of the Search Engines’ algorithms, and it is required to be inspected carefully. With the most recent Google updates, a huge portion of link building methods used earlier are no longer accepted and can cause penalty from the Search Engine. Our SEO experts clean up the older and low-quality links strategies and apply latest linkage strategies including the guest posts, blogging, social outlets, improving your SEO in an organic way.


Online Reputation plays a very sensitive role for your online business. Monitoring is the technique of managing the perceptions prevalent about a particular business entity or some individual on social media, search engine result pages and on the web based business sites. Through the brand management services, we inspect the present web material about your organization’s brand as well as your products. Our primary objective through this process is to encourage positive content about your brand instead of just producing more traffic in terms of specific keywords.


Through local search optimization, we ensure that anyone in your location searching for any related services gets directed to you in more comfortable and friendly way along with the more details, directions, and phone numbers. To make a business come on top of Local Results, we follow NAP Strategy and create maximum Citations all over the web.


Rank tracking is one of the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), it measures your targeted keywords current ranking positions on Search Engines as compared to the last days. That is the reason for which keywords position tracking has become a vital concern among the professionals. The rank tracking process permits the website owners to recognize the keywords that are appropriate to sales efforts.


We provide you with the chance to get indulged with millions of users on one platform through social media optimization. The digital advertising is a perfect way to get in touch with increased number of internet users. One space where millions of users gather, share and interact with each other can build a strong brand Image of your business. We have included this potential power in our all SEO Plans.


By the help of Google Analytics, we continuously monitor the traffic projection on your website. At the end of every month, you would be getting a website's complete organic traffic progress report since we started the campaign as well as compared to the previous month.

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