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Shopify Store Theme Integration Experts

Our Shopify Store Theme Integrator helps to integrate the themes using default functionality shopify platform so in-future you have full control for making changes yourself. Our one-time theme integration will help you to have full control on your store for design aspects.

We work closely with your team to understand the theme requirements and prepare the customized theme for your shopify store.

Not only theme integration, if there are requirements for particular shopify app, we can customize the app looks and feed as per your store design.

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— How We Work?

While working on shopify theme integration according to your specific needs, it’s most important that we fully understand your requirements. We go through and learn every process of your business. We analyse your business analytic reports about your customer behaviour and plan the design of navigation of your website. This helps to design the user-friendly website. Through-out entire process, we work as a virtual member of your team for better understanding of your business so we can help you to achieve your goals. Remember – you need beautiful website with the ability of generating more revenue.


— How We Process?

Once you approve the final design with our designer, we will prepare HTML code for creating theme files. Our shopify theme integrator will work on HTML code provided by front-end developer and prepare the code for customized theme. We create themes using shopify plug-n-play theme editor feature, so in-future you can have full control on design elements. This will help you to update the small design changes without having code knowledge. All you need to learn theme theme editor functionalities. We can help you learn such actions. Once the theme is ready, we will load theme on your shopify store at preview area. You can check carefully and publish them yourself. After publishing theme – you store is ready to go live.


— Support After Delivery?

Yes, off course – We provide one-month free support after project delivery. We take care of all the small changes you need after taking the store. We know, there could be some changes required and we take care of clients regarding all those requirements.


— What Else?

If you need any special functionalities, we can add those functionalities during theme development. For example – if you want something which is not available on shopify store, or you are not able to find any shopify app, we can build and integrate for you.

Monthly Virtual Assistant Support?

Yes – We can work as a collaborative manner always, you can hire of monthly basis until you require or design services.

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