eSearch Logix has a veteran crew of SEO experts engaged in supplying only the high quality links to attain your search engine marketing goals. Our link building strategies are focused on bringing traction, and traffic to your website from the most browsed search engines. We have handpicked staff of manual link builders and content writers to provide high quality and transparent services. We provide only white-hat and manual link building services to get only best quality links from the most relied upon and relevant resources in the industry.


One Way Link Building

One-way link building is creating links from other sites to your site. It is usually created by the means of posting content on relevant and popular sites.

Reciprocal Link Building

Reciprocal link building tends to increase number of overall links to the concerned website. These links are created by exchanging links only with those websites that belong to similar niche with good reputation in the industry.

Traffic Generating Links

Links from good sources will increase your rankings, but beware, because low quality links will decrease your rankings and degrade your online reputation. Our link building strategies are focused on getting superior quality links from most reliable and popular sources.

Guest Blog Postings

Guest blog post works dynamically for building high quality links. It refers to relevant content posted in a website by person other than website owner. It enables you to get editorial links to increase the rankings of your website. We publishing your business blogs on reputed and high authority websites.

Web Mentions

We keep searching the web for mentions of your website, brand, product, or company and take appropriate actions, so as to provide great link building opportunity for your online business.

Advertorial Links

Advertorial links or sponsored links are great ways of increasing revenues of your online business. Advertorial Link is one of the high-quality link building and benefits any website in two ways by driving good referral traffic from the website you advertise and add a link and by getting backlink pointing to your website.

It uses to be done mainly in two ways:

  • Display Advertising on Relevant Blogs / Magazines / Website
  • Adding Links Ads on Relevant Blogs / Magazines / Websites

These kinds of links require an enough research to plan for each niche or business to get relevant sources run advertisement program. This technique calls for an additional budget to get ads on websites for at least few months.

Product Review Links

Some experts and bloggers review products in which they have expertise on their blog or any other high quality and favorite blogs or news portals. Reviewers charge some fee for it to review your product and write about its quality on the blog. This process use to be followed by the referral link of the seller in the blog post, and it may be “follow” or “no-follow” (depends on the blogger/reviewer). Here you would also be asked to mail your product to the reviewer on your own, and once the reviewer gets your product then it will be reviewed, and the reviewer will write about the product nicely and explain how good the product is and from where his/her readers can get this product.

This is one of the time taking process, and it needs a budget as well, and the links gained would be of high quality and also these will refer the traffic from that review post to your website.

We help our customers to get these resources and get their products reviewed on a blog, which has real authority and number of readers.


eSearch Logix team use the most reliable sources and the most efficient techniques to help you rank better.

eSearch Logix team not just emphasize on making your business most visible over the Internet but let you gain maximum regarding revenue, reputation and rankings in the long term. If you wish to leap ahead in the online world, we will be pleased to assist you.

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